Skills Skatepark, Switzerland tour of 36h !!

A few weeks a go  part of our team and  friends went to skate  a new skatepark in Switzerland Skills Skatepark. Switzerland is a beautiful country really famous for the beauty of their mountains and they outdoor activities.
We are gone explain  you a  bit the park; they have one of the biggest airbags out there with 3 rolling sizes for all levels. For bmx, scooters is really confortable to land tricks on it, but with a skateboard or street board is quite hard for landings. A perfect triple 8 bowl with pool coping on the deep end. Boxes and spines area is a lot of fun, you will spend a lot of time there if you like to fly and do transfers from side to side.

Before we keep telling you about the skatepark aspects; they have a great bar where they serve great food, but remember you are in Switzerland is quite expensive, don’t your worry about temperature because they have a great system where you will just need a t shirts even is like -20 outside, also SkillsPark offers a gym on the same installations and several different trampolines to do gymnastics where you will be available to try the spins that you are working on.

So the street section basically is the kind of park where you will wanna spend loads of time. The design is pretty similar to a SLS skatepark, mostly is what all the good parks are now a days.

You can find any kind of features, rails low, high, long, on stairs, same on the ledges all sizes. Its really complete if this is your local park, you will be a machine after a while 🙂 !! You can buy your annual pass for around 500 euros what if you make the math.

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  1. Siiiiiiiick edit bro ! I had a blast meeting you and ride with all of you in this awesome skatepark. Saludos de Ginebra y hasta pronto 🙂 Gaz gaz gaz gaaaaaz

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