Eric Brun Gold at Spanish Championships 2016!!

This past weekend Eric Brun took the golden medal at the Spanish championships in the modality of Street park in Barcelona. Was a bit battle in the end. Was a street league format the way to score points. Eric was using his own wheel pro model for the contest, 60mm 102a. We wanna congratulate to Alex Villanueva for taking 2nd place and Toni Alvarez for the 3rd position. Alex Villanueva also took the best trick contest with a fs cork 720 melon, one trick that we never seen before that clean as Alex landed his trick. Thanks to all the sponsors for the support the event, Ajuntament de Figueres, Ennui, Wicked-hardware, British Knights footwear, American Socks, Horizon Watches, Gazpacho Boards and mountain Dew. For more info and videos go to Eric Brun been interview by Sergi Nicolas.

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