Sergi Nicolas goes to Woodward Beijing, China

Our  team mate Sergi, went to Woodward Beijing for 1 week for the VertAlert.  But first we want to explain you in what consist VertAlert. Gabi owner of Gazpacho Streetboards wants to keep the Vert scene alive. Him self is the best rider out there. Every month riders had to send a video riding vert 1-3min, each month for like a year almost if we remember right. Many people entered on the contest the first months, then the contest slowly went down a bit, but still the last 3 months were really tight for some riders. Guys from Colombia, Japan, Germany basically all over the world. In this months you had to show your improvements on the ramp, and the winner was going for free to Woodward for 1 week all paid, with Gabi and Sergi Nicolas. The winner was Rafel Rodriguez from Bogota, Colombia. So here are some images from the trip and the full video that Sergi made:   14480642_10154573413852350_2682935949172611187_o 14485071_10154588463522350_3888311480857097891_n 14590286_10153938948457621_2772762856648406453_n

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